I love Mondays

I’m not keen on weekends at the moment.


It feels like wasted time. Offices are shut so I can’t make calls. I generally spend my time thinking about all the jobs I can do come Monday.


Also, No post comes on Sunday. I don’t know what I’m expecting exactly – an offer of a house to magically appear on my doorstep? No, I know that won’t happen. I just always feel like I’m waiting for news. Any news.


3 days until my S.21 expires. I know nothing will happen on this day but it still feels like a deadline. I will be outstaying my welcome. My Landlord will know I have not found anywhere – I will keep him in the loop. He will know that he has to start court proceedings.


So my plan for Monday looks like this:

  • Call and beg to make my homelessness application (doubtful!)
  • Finish packing – I’m mostly done and I know it’s a little premature but it’s the only thing I can do!
  • Start advertising some of my furniture on gumtree etc. Just what we aren’t using now – bookcases, gym equipment that kind of thing.
  • Take stuff to charity shop. We have streamlined everything – clothes, toys, books etc.
  • Fit in a visit to the playbus for some much needed fun and distraction!


So that’s Monday. Rinse and repeat all week….


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