What to do with my stuff?

After spending much of last week getting quotes for storage I have found that it’s just going to prove far too expensive.

Maybe I could just sell off the larger stuff and store some boxes of personal stuff? But even that is looking like an expense I can’t spare.

I had already de-cluttered and stream lined and sold off so much but it’s not enough. I still have too many boxes packed up.

The furniture I have here is all second hand anyway. I have no idea how long I would need storage for but I’m working on the estimate of 6 months minimum. Of course the council won’t tell me the average time a person stays in temporary housing. Sorry, I mean: They can’t tell me.

So I made a list of what I have, what it cost and what it will cost to replace it (approx. second hand prices) And really, in a couple of months the storage costs would exceed what this furniture cost me. And in 6 months what I’ve spent on storage fees would furnish a new home (second hand goods of course) The big stuff has to go. The couch, the bookshelves, the kids wardrobes, beds – you get the picture. I’m kind of ok with that. I’m not overly attached to my furniture. But I admit that I am desperately hunting for a place for my shabby dresser. Purchased from a charity shop and in the middle of a transformation it’s been a project of love. And the only other thing I’d like to keep is my Table. It’s a glass ikea one I found in the friday-ad and I love it. I could never replace it I know.

The biggest problem I have is the boxes of personal stuff. I tried to set a 3 box limit for the kids bedrooms and for my craft stuff (serious addiction there….)

That’s 9 boxes.

I have 4 boxes of books and linen. Odd combination I know but to pack the boxes full of boxes would have made them too heavy.

1 box for the bathroom.

3 boxes for the kitchen – this is where I will have to re pack and be more brutal. But I had only just got most of this stuff so it was hard.

2 small boxes of DVDs – 90% the kids.

1 box of electrical stuff – my daughters wii and other bits.

1 box of ‘memory’ stuff. Kids drawings, photos, baby clothes I can’t bare to part with.

1 suitcase of our out-of-season clothes. Again, I will have to go through and cull.

1 bag of christmas stuff and our tree – will ditch most of this I think.

2 bikes and a bike trailer

2 bags of fabric – sob, don’t make me get rid of it!

There’s probably more that I’m mentally blocking.

It’s too much. I can store a few boxes at my mums. I’m thinking, 6 in her room. She’s also offered her shed but it’s damp so I don’t know what will go in there?

My sister has a small corner in the garage. But again, it’s damp but the bikes can squeeze in there.

And the other stuff? I don’t think we will be able to squeeze it into B&B with us. I’ve left stuff to take with us there. One big bag each with clothes/toys and personal stuff. One bag of towels and kitchen essentials. I don’t have any clue what the B&B will entail. It’s a shrugged at ‘depends on where you go’ question and I am fed up of asking.

So after the B&B – possibly 6 weeks??- rumor has it we may end up in a temporary home (not confirmed by the council) But what does that mean? How big will it be? Will it be furnished? Working on ‘No’ poses lots of questions. If I sell everything, I plan to save enough to replace it all when we move. Will six weeks be enough time to do that? Is it worth putting our stuff in storage for the initial six weeks and not selling everything? But then, if we can’t take it out of storage it won’t be easy to sell from a lock up!

It’s an endless round of ‘What if I?’ and ‘Should I just?’ Lists of financial pros and cons aren’t helping. I just get worried about the added court costs making us pretty broke for some time after the eviction.

I know I am probably over thinking this. It’s just another thing surrounded with so much uncertainty and I can’t see a clear way through.

Today I’m going with – sell the furniture. Keep the boxes – somewhere…..


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