Unrelated to Homelessness


Operation all went to plan. Feeling battered and bruised and groggy but doing ok. The children are elsewhere for a few days and the house is very quiet without them. I am hoping to be mobile enough to finish some packing tomorrow but I’m very sore and some of my stitches are protesting at too much movement. … Continue reading


This week ahead

It’s going to be a hard one I think. The court paperwork was returned. I have no defence against the Possession Order so it should be straight forward. I’m expecting that to be issued this week giving me two weeks to vacate. Luckily the Council has backtracked on the original advice to wait for the bailiffs warrant. … Continue reading


A Tiny Update

After a fair few emails and phone calls which went unanswered I finally got hold of my Agent.   Yes, we are still being evicted. No, the paperwork isn’t with the court yet. It is just being sorted by the solicitor. I’m a bit surprised by this – They have known what would have to happen for … Continue reading