Back To The Real World…

We have spent the last 5 nights sleeping in a tent on a glorious campsite in the New Forest and it’s been Bliss.

Despite the Mud and Rain and Ninja Ponies breaking in at midnight!

I’ve spent 5 nights in a small space. My children and I huddled together at night to keep warm. We had no electricity, no telephone, no internet and for the most part no gas due to a broken camping stove. We have gone to bed covered in mud and laughing about the days fun. We have lived with a minimal amount of ‘stuff’ but we were never bored. My children didn’t miss their home. They never asked for their own beds or their toys. My son cried when we got home! 


I feel a little lighter about the months to come. I know it won’t be the same as a holiday but if I can push that ‘adventure’ spirit maybe the kids will buy it? Maybe they will enjoy it if I can keep the atmosphere light and happy? I felt brighter as each day went on. I slept. I slept better in a tent with the wind and rain lashing down then I do at home with my comfy warm bed. I think the bike rides and long walks and ball games wore me out!


The journey home was a roller coaster ride. I was sad to be returning to our reality. But I was keen to see what post awaited me – I was hoping for the Possession Order from the court. It’s an odd feeling to actually want to see a court summons on your mat. I was mentally listing the things I needed to do (forgetting to pack my notebook and pen probably helped my anxiety levels as I had to step away from the obsessive list making/checking) but it was hard to concentrate on it all when your 3 year old is laughing about the naughty ponies or snuggling into your lap for a sleep.


There was nothing on the mat. I’m no closer to anything getting sorted. I’m still resolved not to push the hopelessness application until I have the paperwork they keep demanding. I can’t tie myself in those knots anymore. 


We will be OK though. Providing I don’t have to defend our food box from anymore nighttime pony raids – that was scary!


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