No news is No news

There is nothing good about No news as far as I am concerned!


I stepped away from the computer after my last post. I decided to enjoy the last few days of the summer holidays and try and focus on the kids. That last post was incredibly wallowing and self indulgent. But that is what this blog is for – a place for me to vent.


So nothing has changed. I have asked my letting agent to update me on where we are regarding the court process and they have ignored me. It’s worrying. On the one hand, I would like to stay here. On the other, I’ve been in this limbo for too long and I want to get the next step started, I don’t think I can ever relax here. Half my stuff has been sold or given away and the rest has been packed. I don’t want all of this stress to have been for nothing.


But if I could stay, well, it would be better for the kids just now.


But not knowing is frustrating. I guess they don’t have to tell me but we all know what was going to happen in this case. But they are getting the rent. Maybe they aren’t in a hurry to lose that?


Everything else is on hold. I will continue to jump up and run to the door at warp speed when I see the postman pass. I shall count it as my interval training workout.


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