Who pressed the pause button?

Own Up. Someone has paused my life haven’t they?

I am stuck here waiting. Daily contact with the Letting agent is being ignored. I have no idea if they have filed papers with the court or not. I will be waiting anxiously over the weekend for Monday morning as ever.


In the meantime, I have been packing and selling. And watching my daughter grow up and start secondary school. That has made me feel about 100 years older that’s for sure.

Today I sold my bike trailer. I pulled it out of the cupboard and wiped off the dust and suddenly it’s been my sons favourite thing for the past few days. I actually had to stand in front of the door as he cried ” put that back in my house mummy!” I had a little tear and made a silent promise to only allow the buyers around once he’s asleep… 

He has cheered up considerably since I said he can have cereal for dinner though! A lazy mummy move but The eldest bounced in from her second day at school and straight out for a sleepover so her friends can get the gossip on the different schools they are attending. The pre-teen life problems seem so much better in comparison. She said last week she doesn’t want to grow up. It all seems too complicated! I feel the same to be honest.


Anyway, cereal for dinner makes me a cool mummy. Right? 



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