And it gets worse. I think?

So this morning I have been in touch with the County Court.

I asked if they could check for a Possesion Order being filed. They replied:

If you do not have a case number then we can do a search against the address, but the search is not always 100% accurate.”

 I asked them to check. And nothing came up under my address.
Do I take it as nothing being done? I have sent so many emails to the Agent. None are ever acknowledged. I can’t get hold of them on the phone either. So am I being evicted or not? Who knows!
Maybe they just haven’t put in the paperwork….
Maybe the Owner has changed his mind…
Either way, it would be very simple for them to let me know. But they clearly prefer the torture route.
I’m afraid I cracked though. I got emotional and sent an email begging, yes begging  for them to tell me. I sent them this:
Please can you confirm your intentions.

I have been in touch with the county court and they have no listing for my address.
My home is packed up. My childrens belongings and toys are packed. Their lives are being very disrupted by this. The stress and upset involved is obviously of no concern to you but if you intend to let me stay here could you please have the decency to let us know.
It would be very easy for you to confirm you are seeking an imminent Possession order or that the Owner has changed his mind. Please please get in touch. I am now begging you to let me know what is happening.
I cannot begin to explain the severity of this situation for us. The not knowing is unbearable and you could help with that. Please.
I feel stupid now. Over emotional and weak. But what else could be done? I have been asking nicely for the last few weeks. They have ignored my every attempt at contact. I don’t know why I am surprised. They are a shockingly badly run business. I won’t name and shame because clearly they enjoy causing distress with threatened court actions so I’m sure a Liable or slander or whatever cry would be thrown at me.
If I get to stay then….I think I would need a few weeks to heal before it sinks in. I will never ever feel secure here. I would keep bidding on council houses but it will take years I know. This home, my home of 3 years will always be something that can be snatched away in a moment. The chance that I could go through this whole process again would be a constant worry. And if it happened again? I don’t think I would live through it again.

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