A Tiny Update

After a fair few emails and phone calls which went unanswered I finally got hold of my Agent.


Yes, we are still being evicted. No, the paperwork isn’t with the court yet. It is just being sorted by the solicitor.

I’m a bit surprised by this – They have known what would have to happen for weeks now and I thought they would seek the possession order within days of the notice expiring.


But, now we know. Now I can carry on packing and selling and cleaning.


But my agent, well that’s a whole different thing altogether. I cannot believe the lack of professionalism he showed. When I asked why the emails and calls had been ignored he replied “well, I seem to remember you being hard to get hold of a couple of months ago….how many times did I have to call you”

So you’ve been ignoring me on purpose then? To get your own back? Right….Only, what happened when you were trying to get hold of me Mr Arrogant Agent? Remember when you knocked the door? And I explained my home phone had stopped saving messages? And I apologised for you not being able to get in touch? Remember how it wasn’t my fault?

He had the good grace to agree with me on this point at least and dropped the sarcasm when I outright asked him if it was deliberate on his part then?

But the office has been busy. It’s their busiest month and he admitted paperwork had been allowed to slide.

I explained how this is affecting me. I fought very hard to keep the tears out of my voice hen I explained this was making me ill, this was my life, we were suffering. He sounded like he understood. He promised to make it a priority. I hope he sticks by that.

Also, we had a chat about the costs. He assures me that the Landlord will be out of pocket. I was under the impression the costs will come to me but he says no, the solicitor fees will largely be down to the Owner. I apologised for that. He appreciated that I think.


So there we are. Eviction certain. Back to waiting. Hopefully it will be a swift process from here.


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