This week ahead

It’s going to be a hard one I think.

The court paperwork was returned. I have no defence against the Possession Order so it should be straight forward. I’m expecting that to be issued this week giving me two weeks to vacate. Luckily the Council has backtracked on the original advice to wait for the bailiffs warrant. They will accept my homelessness application as soon as the Possession Order is here. I’ve already racked up £324 in costs according to the initial claim. Feeling a bit sick about it but I’m not sure if it will get any higher – especially if I leave before the Possession Order expires.


On wednesday I am having surgery to remove my Gallbladder. I have never been so happy at the prospect of being sliced open! It’s been a long year of pain and there’s been times when I could have cheerfully cut the thing out myself with the bread knife. But let’s face it; I can barely stab a straw through a Capri Sun so it was a non-starter really.

It’s terrible timing. But I really really don’t want to reschedule. I am hoping to get the majority of the packing done before Wednesday. There’s not too much to do really. I should be up on my feet in a day or two after the op and I have brothers for the heavy lifting. But not having a date until the last minute is going to make it harder to plan things like the van hire and help.


I am kind of looking forward to the recovery time though. A couple of days at home on my own. Bliss! I shall be planning my new house. I have a very active Pintrest addiction brewing! And I shall be knitting. All I can do is squares. So I’m doing a blanket for my new future bedroom. Whenever that may surface. It’s helping to keep me focused on the positive outcome though.


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