policies / Temporary Housing

9th October

That is the date I have to leave by according to the Possession Order sitting next to me now.

Shuffled my way to post (sorry to the girl upstairs who saw the shocking sight of me in pjs with very wild hair!) and it was the only thing in my pigeon hole.

So now it is all official. The council will finally accept my homelessness application. They will move me on or before the 9th October to b&b accommodation.

I have a firm date to aim for – I know I can be finished with the packing and sorting by then.

We can finally start on our way to a secure home. Somewhere that I know we can stay for as long as we need to. It’s scary and exciting all at the same time. I just wish the next few steps were a little clearer.

It seems certain we will go to b&b. But after that? I’ve been told temporary housing. But no one will confirm exactly what that will be as it depends on what is available at our time of need. But will it be a flat or a hostel or what? I have no idea.


So now, I need to start sorting the list of what to take to b&b. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it will be clean and safe. That we will be allowed to stay during the day – read a fair few horror stories of people needing to leave all day. And kitchen facilities? who knows? It’s a new set of uncertainties. But it’s one step closer to the day that we will feel safe and settled.


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