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A tiny bit of good news for a change

It’s been a strange few days. I have mainly concentrated on getting better and resting up ready for the move.

I’m healing well – very minimal pain now aside from certain stretching and bending movements and some issues with food but I’m so glad to be back up and about.


I spoke to my Housing Officer today. He confirmed that I will be housed on the 9th. I just have to go to the office first thing and find out what is available for us. I answered some risk assessment questions to. Pretty sure I don’t pose a risk to anyone or myself so I should be in the no risk category.

He told me two things today which have really helped to dampen my anxiety about the next step. Firtsly, he said that we wouldn’t be placed in ‘typical b&b’ accommodation which we’d have to leave during the day. This had been a big concern as I’d heard it on a few occasions and the thought of having to leave all day every day with a toddler in the middle of winter wasn’t much fun.

Secondly, he said there would be ‘some level of kitchen facilities’ This again has calmed some fears I had after hearing horror stories of not having any access to kitchens or being allowed to eat on the premises.


So neither bit of information was a fairytale solution to this but I’ll take my positives wherever I can get them to be honest!


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