Emotional side / Temporary Housing

The boxes were calling me.

They were saying ‘keep me, keep me’

So I’ve booked some storage. I shopped around and talked the talk and got a deal I’m happy with. It’s an expense I don’t need but a necessary one. I picked the smallest (cheapest) option. But I’m finding it hard to visualise really – all square foot this and 1 metre that.

After a stock take of what we have left and what space I have to store it in I realised it just wasn’t going to work. I still won’t be taking my furniture. But now I can keep all of the kids toys, spare bedding, Photos, books, kitchen utensils etc. All the stuff that made our home feel like home. All the happy little charity shop finds and much loved treasures. A lot of our stuff has already been culled – donated, old, binned and passed on. But some things just felt harder to let go of.

It feels good. It’s wiped away a bit of the sadness and made me feel hopeful that the kids will have their familiar little things to surround them once we get our ‘forever home’

And the van is booked for Sunday and the help is secured. And now it’s very very real.

Just one more thing to finalise – exactly what to take with us for b&b living….


4 thoughts on “The boxes were calling me.

  1. I was going to ask you what was happening with all your belongings, so glad you have somewhere to store your memories. Good luck for Sunday. I really hope you don’t have to wait too long for your forever home x

    • Thanks so much! We have got rid of so much stuff already and aren’t keeping any furniture but I couldn’t bare to part with more of the kids toys or any mementoes and photos.Sunday should be easy enough – jump haul it all to storage. Tuesday will be interesting though – so uncertain about where we will be placed. Glad your day started well by the way 🙂

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