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Packing and Cleaning.

We are a flurry of activity in this house just now.

Toys are packed. Food is eaten in strange combinations to empty the kitchen. Rooms are divided into areas; Off to storage, Charity shop, Dump and b&b. Order seems to be slowly creeping into the process.

Spiders are being evicted from behind furniture. Sorry guys. Hate to do it to you. I’ll write good references!

The cat has a wonderful foster home lined up. He’s sure to be annoyed at his going out privileges being revoked but never mind.

And things are going well. I feel useful at last. Finally the Limbo has gone. I know the next step but more importantly I know when it’s happening. I’m sketchy on the where and what exactly but I can’t do anything about that right now. Tuesday I will know. And Tuesdays not too far away now.

So I am consumed with what to take with us to the b&b. I have lists. I like lists and admit to there being a rough draft and a proper finished one. And ok, I’ll admit to a couple of sub-sections on the list. They relate to having to wait and see what the actual accommodation will be like. I can take these plastic drawers if there’s space. I can take this toaster if I have a kitchen area etc. They are like a comfort blanket to me. I am prepared. I will handle this. My list will tell me what is going on.


Basics include:

Bed Linen, Duvets, Pillows, Fleecy throws, Towels, Wash bags, Clothes, Shoes, Coats, Dressing gowns, One bag of toys for each of the kids,  chargers, my knitting, a couple of books each, the snack tin, swimming stuff, hairdryer – you get the picture – not that far off the holiday lists really.


But then I start thinking about the TV/DVD player and if there will be one. Will there be room? Shall I put it in storage on Sunday and get it back out again during the week if I need it? Shall I leave it until Tuesday and take it to storage if I don’t need it? Will I have a lift sorted for that?

And the kitchen stuff? Plates and pans and cups? Most of it is packed. I have one cup/plate/bowl/cutlery set which has revolutionised my washing up! So another box to go to storage if none of it’s needed…

I’m over thinking this. I know I am but it’s these silly things running through my head that are fighting against the Post-Op sleeping which has been wonderful this past week. Full nights of 6-8 hours. I’m exhausted by the end of the day – I’m tired during it just now to be honest. And I know what’s happening and it’s meant me dropping off the second my head hits the pillow. I’m not ready to say goodbye to that yet!


But things will be ok. I have a plan for Tuesday. I have a plan for Sunday when the stuff goes to storage. There are a few variables but I’ll have to let them go until I am clearer on where we will be placed. So less dithering and more packing and cleaning. And more packing and cleaning.


4 thoughts on “Packing and Cleaning.

    • It’s all a carefully constructed persona I’m trying to fool myself into believing….:)

      BBC Newsnight show on tonight about it. Should be interesting. I’ve heard some real horror stories but the odd nice one too so trying to keep an open mind.

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