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It was like a giant game of Tetris….

But eventually everything got put into storage without an inch to spare.

It’s been a long long day after a very sleepless night. The Youngest is snuggled on the couch watching a film and looking like he will drop off at any second. The oldest is still not back from her sleepover. The cat Is safely hiding out in his new foster home. And I’m, well I don’t really know what I am! I feel emotional. The house is empty and echos. The youngest seems put out by the lack of stuff and keeps asking for confirmation that his stuff is ‘in the new house?’ I have been telling him the toys are going to the new house but now I think this has been a mistake. I’m worried he’ll be even more confused on Tuesday when we get to b&b. How do you explain the concept of storage and temporary housing to a 3 year old?

On the one hand I’m glad we are finally past this limbo stage. I know we are entering another but still, it’s a step closer to the end. On the other, I’m scared for Tuesday and where we might be placed. I’m exhausted. I’m physically sore from humping the boxes about. I’m glad the hard work has been done – for now. I’m sad it came to this. I’m feeling kind of, I don’t know, like I need to somehow make the most of our time left here or mark the passing of the last 3 years but how?

But yeah, for now I think I’ll go with exhausted.


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