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I survived today! (a tiny update)

I am in my emergency placement. We were spared B&B and have been placed in a nice private rent house. It’s in a nice area and the house is fine.

The kids are sleeping and I am exhausted so I will tell the tale tomorrow but I just wanted to let you know we are safe and well and letting it all sink in.

We have an early start – it will take 2 buses and an hour to take the girl to school in the morning. So I bid you good night and Thank you all for your support!

Sleep well. Tonight I am certain I will. Physically my body will demand it!


5 thoughts on “I survived today! (a tiny update)

    • We’re getting there! It was good news – better then I’d allowed myself to hope for really.

      The school run will be hard going but it’s short lived. We came to the conclusion today I can see her onto the bus and she can change at our old house because she knows that route. I didn’t fancy doing it with her and a 3 year old and I didn’t fancy dragging my son back to our old street so soon really. Worried it will upset him.

      Now we have to sort out coming home by herself…

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