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Yesterdays News

So I thought I would write up how yesterday went in full.

It started early – after a very late night. 3 Hours sleep was not ideal for such a busy day but coffee was my friend!

I was told to go to the council office first thing and that they were expecting me. Pop in and it won’t take long to sort it out. That’s what my Hosing Officer said. So off I went – nervous but pleased to finally be taking the next step.

2 Hours we waited before we were seen. They assured me they were working behind the scenes but it was still frustrating. And the Boy was bored after the first hour. Drawing picture, playing with his cars and making a friend helped but by the end he was asking to go home and have his lunch poor thing. I felt the same really!

Eventually we were seen. And told we were getting a house. A big house in a nice area. I was a little shocked really – had been so certain of b&b as that was all my Housing Officer would give as an option. But they were very limited with options. And this house wouldn’t normally go to a smaller family but it was here or much much further away. Which they didn’t like to do.

The first thing I thought when he showed me the map was that my daughters journey to school would take forever. There is nothing that can be done about that though.

The house is classed as emergency housing. This means that we will be here for 4-6 weeks whilst my homelessness application is processed. I did question the fact that they had known I was going to be homeless for months now and that would be plenty of time to process an application but this is the policy. And he admitted it was the hope that I would go and find my own housing in the mean time anyway.

We are here on a ’24 hour’ licence. This means we can be moved out with 24 hours notice to another temporary place. But he didn’t see the need for that happening before our case was processed. He did say the case was straight forward. It’s a simple No Faults Section 21. So I haven’t made myself intentionally homeless and he was confident it should go fine.

I got back home, googled the address and jumped on the bus with the kids. The landlord met me. I signed one piece of ‘I will behave’ paperwork and that was it. He was gone before I could think about how the boiler works or what day the rubbish goes out or anything like that. We’ll figure it out as we go along.

The house has a cooker, a fridge freezer and a washing machine. Two single beds, one double and a couch. Everything we need for basic living. We will be comfortable here at least. And there is plenty of space. 3 bed, two receptions, big kitchen (complete with 70’s Orange tiles!) and even a garden.

We went back to the old house – and realised we’d locked ourselves out! It’s not uncommon. I am terrible with keys. So we waited for the agent and got let back in and finally got everything moved over with the help of my Sister-in-Law. And finally at 10pm the kids were tucked up and I was contemplating internet dongles and sneaking around the house like a guest.

It’s good. It’s better then what I thought I’d be sitting in this morning. But it’s temporary and I can’t get attached. I think we will just have to try and relax – we have a rough timescale and I feel like we can be ready to go with a days notice so that’s it then. Relax and regroup for the next month. Just breath and spend time with the kids.

But the school run? We don’t qualify for Taxi funding. It means a two bus,hour long journey twice a day and she’s pretty worked up about the change in the middle. But we don’t have a choice. This morning we failed the challenge though – we both slept through our alarms! One day to settle and then it’s life as normal. for the next 4-6 weeks anyway.


3 thoughts on “Yesterdays News

  1. I have a friend who is being evicted from his privately rented flat in Kensington and Chelsea where he’s been for more than 10 years as the building is being sold. He’s registered disabled but has been told he will be put in a B&B miles from where he lives/support network/family etc. I am so pleased that so far you’ve had a better outcome than you expected although appreciate that your daughter’s journey totally sucks. Power to you. Your blog is inspirational.

  2. It’s so sad to hear stories like that. I really hope they sort it for your friend soon. I really think they shut off the human side as much as possible when making up these policies. It’s all numbers and lists. Not lives and Stress.

    We will be ok in the end. A secure home will be worth this in the long run.

  3. Oh darling, it sounds like you’ve had a right time of it. I was once homeless Pre-Bean, and that was difficult enough. I’m so glad you’ve got somewhere to just take stock and breathe easy for a little while. Keep strong lady, you’re doing an amazing job xx

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