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And Breathe.

That’s all we are doing just now.

We are together. We have hot water and heating (after a brief hiccup for the first two days) We have worked out the school run. It’s not much fun but it’s temporary.

We are in a house – however temporary – its not something I dared hope for. We have been so lucky!

So for the rest of October I have resolved to let it all go. I have no control over the next step. We are completely at the mercy of the system. There’s no point in getting myself worked up over it all. We will be here until they move us to the next temporary place. Then we will have some say when we bid. Until then, it’s a case of going with the flow.

A little bit of me is annoyed that we can’t just stay here. The council have known for months I’d be homeless. And at the very least they had two weeks before my Possession Order expired. I can’t see any good reason why they didn’t have something sorted before then. Why leave it until that day? When the options are so limited? We lucked out but so many families must not. I feel a little guilty – there must be a bigger family out there squeezed into something smaller who could use the space we have. But there’s nothing I can do about that.

And now we breathe. And rest and relax – I’m sleeping so much better. I think the stress and exhaustion has really hit me but I’m happy to let it just now if it means sleep! The kids are OK. My son has had a few wobbles. He misses the cat and for some reason the coffee table. He is grasping the concept that we won’t be going back but the first few times I explained this he cried quite a bit. He asks if another boy lives there now. I know he will get over this. So many kids move around and survive.

We are together. In a house. We are lucky.


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