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We are just a normal family.

I was tackling the tag issues from my previous posts. Well, the lack of them. And it occurred to me that every post in this blog is about our homelessness journey.

And that’s OK because that is what the blog was started for.

But, in a bid to get to grips with the blogging world I checked out a network or two and ended up reading lots of blogs in the process. I enjoyed it but it left me feeling confused about the identity of ‘homeless mummy’ I don’t write about our day-to-day life. I had a strong need to keep it all pretty anonymous to start with and I still would like to do that. But part of me yearns to write about a trip to the park or a cake we’ve made. I want to be a normal family.

I don’t know what I’d write about though! I just know that in between the moments of stress and worry and trying to sort this mess out we are a family. We do the usual family stuff. My children play, I tidy their mess, we cook and shower and I moan about leaving homework until the last minute. It’s all pretty standard family stuff for a large part of our day. I don’t think it would make for good reading really but it has left me with a taste of carefree blogging envy.

Someone asked what I would call this blog once we are housed. It stumped me really. I think I will blog about getting the children settled and about sorting out the house pretty much from scratch. I will get it to a state of completion for our journey and then, I don’t know, retire it maybe? I’d like it to stay out there somewhere – as a support for other families going through this. I will work on the helpful links and write about coping tips and what has worked for us in case it eases even 1% of the uncertainly for someone else.

I don’t know if I will write another blog about our normal family life. I don’t think I’d have the confidence that it would all be readable. In the meantime, I will share with you all that our saturday started at 5.30 am. My daughter had a friend over to sleep and they are currently fixing up Zombie costumes for a Zombie walk in town today. They will be making a video for part of a homework project. My son is going to spend the afternoon with his Dad. This is only the second visit they have had and I’m so nervous about how it will go. I’m also worried because my son’s dad doesn’t know about this situation. A lot of people don’t. I’ve had a level of shame, I guess, about the whole thing. And I’m worried that people will see me as a bad parent for putting the kids through this. I will be spending a couple of hours in a coffee shop watching my phone in case my son needs me. But right now, my son and I are on the couch watching Scooby Doo. It’s a pretty typical saturday morning. We are a pretty typical family – if you don’t count the homelessness stuff that is!


There. That’s hopefully got it out of my system!


5 thoughts on “We are just a normal family.

  1. You have to keep writing. Once you find yourself in the right place, you will come here to write about the garden and the decorating and how the children are flourishing. And those who have read about your journey will come back to read those things. And, when you do things that help others, when you read things that need to be put out there, you will put those up here. And, in the meantime, you can write about your normal day as a family, cake making etc. Because going through this has made you the person who writes here. And that person will still be there when the garden has grown. I realised my own posts are becoming flat and dull, so I added one that was nothing to do with my back problems and it is more successful than any of the others! Apart from me blogging to an old shell of a blog and getting all my likes there, not on my actual live blog. But hey ho!

  2. ahhhh I know how you feel, when I started mine I was all positive and right on! about the niche I created for my blog but it definitely does streamline what you CAN write about. I think your blog is hugely inspiring and beautifully written. Write about what ever feels right for you, anything you like. Where you crave and desperatly need a space for your family to live and be normal again, you’ve created your very own little place to write and make you feel strong again to deal with the situation you’re in… Go for it xx

    • *blushes* But yes, I think you’re right – I am limited a bit in what I can write about. However, I am the queen of the tenuous link so I’ll find a way to link it back somehow 🙂 I’ve a fair wait for our ‘forever’ home too. This place will be relevant for another year probably.

  3. You should always feel ok to write whatever makes you happy in this little space that’s yours.

    I think it’s lovely that through all this you’re still thinking of helping other people.

    Keep smiling send eating cake.

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