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Cake and a tour

My family came to our temporary house yesterday for a bit of a birthday celebration.

They were all pretty amazed at where we are. The house is amazing really and their reaction has just made me even sadder that it’s so temporary. I love it here despite vowing not to get attached!

The kids explored the garden – and found an outside toilet I didn’t know we had!

And the house was proclaimed – “the best ever for hide and seek” But my poor son was picked last because he doesn’t really get the rules and happily shouts out “I’m under the bed!” And if he’s spotted where you rushed off to then he’ll out you too!

But it baffled people – why can’t I just stay here until I get a bid accepted? The system is a bit strange. I’m here – in a house perfect for us – but it’s temporary. Until my application is processed and it’s accepted I haven’t made myself intentionally homeless. My case seems so simple to me. A no-fault section 21. A possession Order from the court. How have I intentionally created those? And what baffles me is that they had this information from the start. They saw the section 21. And they took copies of the Possession Order so had the relevant information for almost 2 weeks before I presented at the office on my last day. They could have missed this ’emergency housing’ step surely?

But my logic doesn’t match theirs. I am just the person living through the multiple moves after all.

But the consensus was I’m one lucky girl! (girl was a push.But I’m clinging to it now…) sigh. It is a lovely house though..

Can I eat cake for breakfast by the way? It’s carrot cake. That’s healthy right…?



ps – there was nothing available for me to bid on this week. Not allowed to go for 2 bedroomed places and there was no three beds on the list. Hopefully next time…


9 thoughts on “Cake and a tour

  1. Hi Charlie,

    You are right, it does seem to defy logic however it also seems to fit the attitude that those finding themselves homeless hav somehow brought it on themselves. If u manage to jump through the hoops you might be deemed ‘worthy’ again? I think England might learn from Scotland on how to treat its homeless population – all are a priority and remove the notion of ‘intentionality’.

    • They should certainly look at adopting that attitude. Sadly I don’t think they will. I think it’s a knee jerk reaction to stop people playing the system but the majority of the people going through this are paying for the sake of the few who may abuse the system.

      I certainly don’t like how we have no concern from those dealing with us. All the way through this I’ve been met with an attitude of “you’re lucky we’re even doing this for you” No concern for how we are coping emotionally. No worry for the children and what they are facing.

      I hope they start listening to those in this situation and start training up their staff – as this is going to be a very common problem now by the looks of it.

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