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It’s a numbers game.

It has been 146 days since the section 21 arrived and 66 days since it expired. It was 49 days after it expired before I was moved.

I have been in this temporary house for 17 days. It costs £358.98 per week to keep us here.The average social rent for a 3 bedroomed place here is around £90-100 per week. My Local Housing Allowance (housing benefit) rate is £219.23 per week.

I made over 200 phone calls to Letting agents, Landlords and Local Adverts. I got 0 viewings. Average rents for 3 bedroomed Private rented places for this area are around £1200 per month. This leaves a shortfall of around £300 per month. The cheapest place I enquired about was £900 per month.

There are 4 bands for the choice based social housing system my Local Authority use. I am still in the 3rd (C) priority band. there are 9,311 other applicants in this band with me. 14,608 people are on the list in total.

So far, I have bid on 13 properties. You can make 3 bids each fortnightly session.This session has 0 3 bedroomed properties available to me. None of the properties I have bid on have been allocated to band C applicants. Those 13 properties had 2489 bids in total. The highest number bidding on one property was 320 and the lowest was 60.

To date I have spent £230 on storage and van hire. I have been fined £324 in court costs from the Possession Order. I dread to think what it will cost me to replace the furniture I had to sell and give away.

I have had countless sleepless nights since this started.

My daughter now travels for 60 minutes to school. She has missed 4 days of school because of this.

We will shortly be moved to our 2nd temporary home where we will be housed until one of our bids gets accepted.

I have had 1 meeting with my Housing Officer.

I have written to 13 local councillors and MPs. I got 3 replies. But none of the promised follow-ups.

It takes 16,000 steps to walk to town and back from here (this is a good thing!). It used to take less then 7,500. But with a 3 year old used to shorter walks it’s meant a huge increase in my bus costs.

I have had to withdraw 1 application to university and postpone my career for one more year.

And a few light hearted numbers:is the number of times I have watched buzz lightyear today and it’s not even 10 am. My son has told me he loves me 5 times already today (admittedly twice because he wants jelly…) I have had 3 cups of coffee and now feel almost human. My daughter has raided my purse for £2.50 today – since when did ‘mufty day’ cost £1.50?? I have probably used my calculator more times today then the whole of this year!

It certainly is a numbers game. I’m just another number on the list.


6 thoughts on “It’s a numbers game.

  1. I feel for you.
    Wouldn’t it be better if the rents were more affordable (if Private) so you didnt have to claim Housing Benefit OR if the Social housing was more available?
    30 Years ago approx 65% of homes were Social Housing & we had a productive workforce…
    This “Buy Buy Buy” culture, leading to greedy landlords raking in high rents & decent people being shut out if they are simply low to middle income earners has got to stop!
    I’m thinking of you & all the other families who deserve a home to bring up the next generation of this country…

    • Thank you.

      It’s true that the whole system is so essed up. Starting to lose hope of it ever being fixed. I don’t think I will EVER own a home. And I can’t imagine the fear of Private renting for the rest of my life. Social housing is the way to go for me. So I can concentrate on raising healthy, happy children who can move forward from this hell.

  2. I feel for you and am so angry for you that you have to go through this. I live in hope that life will change for the better for ordinary, lower income people. I agree with the first poster.

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