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Not this week…Not this week…Not this week…

We have been in our emergency housing for 3 weeks now. We were given a 4-6 week estimation for how long it will take our housing officer to process our application for homelessness.

So potentially, we have just under 3 weeks until we are move to our next place. I must admit, I have been able to relax a bit. It’s a good house. We are happy here and despite the feeling of impending doom creeping in now and then I have had 3 good weeks.

But we are on a 24 hour license. This means they only have to give us 24 hours notice to move us on. And yesterday evening the full feeling of that hanging over us hit me.

The day before yesterday my 3 year old son slept during the day which is unheard of these days. Then he went to bed early and woke up even earlier. On reflection – those were my first clues! But yesterday as the day wore on, he became more and more irritable and flushed looking. Come bed time it was clear he was poorly. A cough and cold no doubt but the thought of having to pack up and move had me panicked. Please not tomorrow, Please!

He is the one I am most worried about. Old enough to feel the disruption but just that bit too young to grasp it all. My daughter is sometimes stressed – we have a meeting with the school next week to discuss how she’s coping. But she understands the process at least. And she is starting to accept it and will often talk about the ‘final home’ showing an amazing amount of maturity and hope for the future.

But my son? He still talks of the “another house” (our old place) He asks daily if a new boy or girl live there now. He checks several times a day that his toys and belongings are in the “new house” and seems to need that reassurance. The thought of moving him to another temporary place (for goodness knows how long) and then finally on to our own home is hard. The thought of doing that when he’s already grumpy and clingy from illness is my idea of hell on Earth! So, fingers crossed! Everything crossed….Not this week. Please!


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