#NaBloPoMo The little things – Day 1

Do you know what #NaBloPoMo is?

No? I didn’t either but it caught my eye throughout my twitter feed and my curiosity piqued. So I checked it out and I learnt that it stands for Nation Blog Post Month. Basically people are blogging everyday in November.

People are crazy.

And I quite fancied the challenge…and the whole ‘being a part of something normal (ish)’

So here I am. Day 1. I thought it might be interesting to see how far I get before I am moved. Should I theme my NaBloPoMo posts? Some people are. I have decided a theme may help for inspiration purposes. So I’ve chosen ‘The little things’

The little things about this situation that make it better or harder or seem too insignificant to base a whole post around.

Day 1

Ordering Online. This little thing annoyed me today because I saw a good bargain for a christmas present but had to arrange for it to go to my mums house. I have no idea how long I will be here for so couldn’t get it delivered here. But now I will have to collect it and carry it home. Most likely with the kids in tow and curious as ever. Such a silly little thing to be annoyed about….


2 thoughts on “#NaBloPoMo The little things – Day 1

  1. I like the idea of a theme – especially one that makes you focus on the paraphernalia you would otherwise forget as life goes on. I did it last year and swore I never would do it again, but this one could get me…

    • it’s not too late….. I wondered if I was making life harder for myself but figured the theme meant I had a focus. And it only really needs to be a line or two about what little thing is effecting us so not major posts… I’m enjoying it so far 🙂

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