#NaBloPoMo – Day 2

It’s the little things.

Day 2

As much as this whole situation has killed my trust in the policy makers and the government, it’s done an awful lot for my faith in humankind or my fellow ordinary, day-to-day people at least.

The little offer of support. The little offer of a parcel of goodies to cheer us up – sent by a stranger. The little sentence that states “thinking of you, good luck”

The person listening when I’m having a bad day and telling me we’ll get through it.

These little things have made a huge huge difference. So much more then I can express. And they have come mostly from people who have never met us. People who simply want to take a moment out of their own busy days to ease a fear or bring a smile.

These little things have led to a big thing for me. A realisation that people are good. That out there, no matter how hard it feels right now, people are routing for us to pull through it all. And it’s put me in touch with my own ‘kind’ side too. I find myself thinking of the ways I can ‘pay it forward’ when we are in a better position ourselves. Now I never underestimate the good a tiny comment of support can do for someone having a hard day. Now I see just what ONE person can do to make it feel a little bit better. One little person. One little thing. It all adds up.


3 thoughts on “#NaBloPoMo – Day 2

  1. I have read your whole blog with sheer disbelief. I want to say so much but each time I write it it looks so patronising. You sound really positive and I am sure there are good and bad days but you have the love of your children and they have a gorgeous mum who is in the middle of a crap time but managing really well. I sincerely hope that things settle down and get sorted soon. Xxxx

    • That’s a lovely thing to hear – thank you so much! I don’t feel like I have much choice but be positive for the kids but mostly I am counting my blessings and remembering it could be worse.

      I feel humbled to have such a great support network behind me. Especially as they have never met us before. That support will help me get through this x

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