#NaBloPoMo – the little things – Day 3

One of the best things about being in this temporary house is the lack of belongings we have to clutter up the place.

I packed for the worst case scenario – B&B . This is what I was repeatedly told to expect. So the furniture was sold or given away. And our toys, photos etc were put into storage.

We brought our clothes. One small tub of toys for each of the children. Bedding and linen and the bare essentials for the kitchen. One plate, bowl, cup and cutlery set each. It makes for fast washing up!

I stick on the radio and can move from top to bottom cleaning and tidying in less then an hour! That’s been bliss. A good routine like that always eluded me before. I know it’s a silly little thing to be happy about but really, it’s been a definite plus!

Shame we have so little time here left. But I’ll be working hard to keep the minimal style running in the next place *glares at charity shop obsessed mother*


2 thoughts on “#NaBloPoMo – the little things – Day 3

    • Nice warm island somewhere would do me. As long as I could keep some chickens and grow some veg I’d be happy. As far away from all the madness happening these days would suit me just fine!

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