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#NaBloPoMo The little things – day 5

The school run – ok it’s not exactly a “little thing” but today is the first day back after half term so it’s on my mind today.

My Daughter started secondary school this september. Due to the nightmare that is the schooling system here she got sent to a school over three miles from where we lived at the time. She was literally the only child from her Junior school going there. SO it was a pretty stressful time for her what with not knowing anyone.

I remember doing the bus journey those first few days. It involved walking 90 seconds to the end of our road and waiting under 10 minutes for the next bus. I thought the 30 minute journey was a bit much. I was concerned it would be too much for her.

Then we moved here.

And now her journey takes an hour and two buses. Come Friday she is exhausted. Leaving the house at 6.50 am has not been fun. I asked about taxis. She does struggle with reading the bus signs but her SN are not enough to warrant free taxis to school.

I clock watch in the afternoons. Most days I call her to see what bus she is on to gauge how soon she’ll be home. But she is the one taking the brunt of this school run. I know it’s not so bad. I know other kids do it but it’s still been an adjustment. And the worry about where we will be placed next extends to this too. How far will she be then?

She said last week that she doesn’t want to start again. She’d like to just stay at her current school. But if they place us too far away? Then what?

Oh I pine for those days when we walked the 3 minutes to her junior school…


2 thoughts on “#NaBloPoMo The little things – day 5

  1. Something that might help – free transport isn’t judged by severity of special needs but by distance to the nearest suitable school, so if your nearest suitable school is more than 3 miles away you should get transport. It might be worth contacting your transport department to find out. They of course may suggest that there is a closer school that is suitable, but if you are being moved repeatedly through no fault of your own you should have an argument.

    • They have given us a scholar pass so she gets free bus transport thankfully – or this would be costing us a fortune! But the taxis are not funded for her. Thanks for the suggestion though 🙂

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