#NaBloPoMo / children / Temporary Housing

#NaBloPoMo The little things – day 6

It’s a good one today.

I am really enjoying the no TV status of this household. For whatever reason, the TV I have won’t connect to the cable box here. I admit, I tried that day after we got here. I hunted for a ‘normal’ connection somewhere and then I gave up. I wasn’t too unhappy about it to be honest.*

We have been TV free before – sometimes for over a year. I knew we’d survive the next 4-6 weeks easily.

And we have. And I love that in the evenings I read, knit or hug the netbook and wander around the web.

I love that the kids play or draw or read in the evenings before bed now. They have DVDs and we watch the odd one but on the whole, they are screen free.

I don’t think I connecting up the TV will be high on our list of priorities when we get to the next temporary place.

*I admit a slight despair when I remembered Homeland had started up again. A slight one.


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