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A blog hop for new bloggers.

Forgive me.

If you come here to read deep and meaningful stuff about being homeless that stuff is on all of the other posts…over there >  This post is dedicated to the type of things that new bloggers quite like taking part in. I saw a link for a blog hop over on the wonderful salt and caramels site  and I fancied joining in. I’m easily impressionable like that I guess!


– who you are

I am a single mother to two wonderful children. My daughter is 11 and my son is 3. I’m nudging through my 30’s which isn’t as bad as I thought it would be… I have worked in childcare since I left school and ended up as a holiday rep abroad. Working in the kids club was the best part of the job and thus started my various play related roles. I also ran a small craft business which has sadly been sidelined due to the current upheaval. I like all things crafty and rarely stick to one ‘thing’ like painting or knitting etc. It’s a very random mix of techniques and mediums when it comes to my stuff.

– why you started blogging

I started blogging because I was being made homeless. I wanted to use the blog as a kind of therapy I guess. And to chart our journey. Slowly I’m seeing it may have a use to support others going through this situation. I found it hard to find straight forward accounts of the system and how things work so I’d like to provide that for someone else facing homelessness.

– which post you are most pleased or proud of

That’s a hard one… I guess I quite like this post. It’s the about the day that our Possession Order expired and we presented as homeless at the council office. I know it doesn’t seem a cheery thing to be proud of but when I read it back it seems hopeful. And it was good news. After expecting bed and breakfast accommodation it was very good news and reading it still reminds me of the comedy shock face I must have pulled as I uttered “sorry what now? a house?”

– which post had the most response (and were you surprised by this)

This post had the most views and has had the most comments too. I was surprised really. I thought it was important to show the effect this stuff is having on the kids and it was very emotional to share it but I was worried others might think it was a bit overly dramatic. I thought it might be a case of a mothers love clouding the reality that it wasn’t a big deal.

– which blogs do you like reading (include links so that we can discover EVEN more new blogs!)

I’m starting to find some great blogs and these are a few that I’ve really enjoyed and returned to:

http://winecantcurebackpain.wordpress.com/ – this is a great blog about how a mum is coping with debilitating back pain.

http://mummy2threebutterflies.blogspot.co.uk a lovely blog about living with a gorgeous girl and her type 1 diabetes.

http://purplecrazymum.wordpress.com/ – this lovely mum writes about her happy girl Eva and is also facing the same problems I am going through.

http://thestarlingsgatherhere.wordpress.com/ – I love this new blog because it’s about living on a boat. And home education. And a bit of crafty notions thrown in too. How can you not love it? (anyone like to loan me the money to buy a boat?)

http://jessicafenton.wordpress.com/ And lastly, this blog. I love that this mum is striving for a natural lifestyle and her boys are so adorable! She writes about raw food, being vegan, baby led weaning and much more.

And there it is. A brief step into the normal world of parent bloggers. I enjoyed it!

You can join in the bloghop over at salt and caramels great blog here if you fancy it. Sadly wordpress won’t let me add the actual linky tool but it’s easy to join in via this site.


4 thoughts on “A blog hop for new bloggers.

    • Hi – glad you popped over. I’ll have a peek at yours now 🙂
      And thanks – not sure how long I can keep it up for. Looks like I’ll be moving next week so at keast I’ll have some new inspiration!

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