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#NaBloPoMo – the little things – Day 7

Day 7.

Pre-school. It’s a word that makes me frown these days. Not because the thought of a room full of pre-schoolers is terrifying – childcare is my vocation!

My son turned 3 in May. He qualified for his 15 hours of pre-school from September. Where we lived before had a wonderful place I planned to send him to a few minutes from our door. But then the section 21 was served. And pre-school has become a dilemma.

I can’t send him to the original place. It would cost me £20+ in bus fares every week and is too far to walk.

There is no point in putting him in one local to me now. It would have only been for 6 weeks. This is an area I know I won’t be housed in by the council. And he’d dealing with enough change just now.

So the move to the next place could be any day now. But again, it’s temporary. So what do I do for pre-school? We will probably be there longer. Around at least 6 months maybe? But I can’t be certain of it.

I have no idea of the area either. If it’s in the place I’d like to end up in I may just sign him up and hope we do settle there. If not, well I don’t think settling him into a place and then changing him will do him any good given the current disruption in his life just now.

But it’s a huge source of worry. And guilt. Just another thing I am failing to provide for him. He is ready for preschool. I am sure he would love it. We have had to drop a couple of his regular activities already due to the cost, travel fare and distance. The poor boy is missing out on so much and worse – he has to spend all day with me. I am not a good model for socialisation! I enjoy my own company far too much.

I know many children don’t do the preschool stage. I just feel that a consistent routine for him would be good right now. And with much of his stuff in storage he could do with different toys to look at.

Just another part of our lives that’s out of our control right now I guess.


4 thoughts on “#NaBloPoMo – the little things – Day 7

  1. Are there any groups or drop-ins nearby that you could take your son to just to socialise? Children’s Centres are good for that sort of thing (the few that still exist). Then at least he’s getting to interact with his peers a bit while you’re waiting for something more permanent.

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