#NaBloPoMo / children / Temporary Housing

#NaBloPoMo – the little things – Day 8

I’ve been thinking about what to write for about an hour now.

I thought I would have gotten further then day 8 before I had to dig deep for a subject! Hopefully, it’s not a sign of things to come. 

Anyway, I decided that I would write about the little things we brought here from our old home that have helped.

When we were packing up the house I gave each child a flexi tub and said that this was what they could fill with toys and ‘stuff’. This was their allowance plus one other big thing. My daughter picked her crate of Lego and my son picked his Garage. Very predictable really!

My thinking behind this was that the tubs were easy to move from place to place. And assuming that we would be in a confined space it would be easy to keep all of their stuff tidy. I thought it was important for them to pick what they wanted to take too. It really was good to involve them in this part and I think it helped give them some control over a situation that was pretty upsetting for them.

we took our bedding and fleece blankets too. They also picked which bowls and cups they would use. These little familiar touches from home helped them settle here and will help when we are moved again soon I’m sure. 

So things are easily kept tidy and I don’t feel that the packing up and moving will be such hard work now. Those flexi tubs sure do come in handy!


And yes – I also gave myself a tub – books, the net book and knitting if you’re wondering!


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