#NaBloPoMo / policies

#NaBloPoMo – the little things – Day 10

Day 10

Most days I end up reading some piece of news from the housing world. Sometimes its a scary change in policy such as happened yesterday – now councils are allowed to refuse homeless applicants social housing and make them an offer of private accommodation.

Right. Because when you’ve not invested enough in Housing stock to meet the needs, the key isn’t to change that, it’s just to start sticking up a  ‘no room at the inn’ sign and send them round the back to the privately owned stable. As long as they say that stable in suitable you won’t really have a choice. Including on where you are housed.

The little change in wording will have a huge impact on Homeless people and families. Yet it’s not really been mentioned outside of those in the housing news….

It seems that since my application was made before the change I won’t be effected. Well, so my housing officer says. But this is todays ‘little thing’. I do feel grateful for being safe from this ridiculous change to policy. Yet another policy that is ill thought out beyond the realms of the numbers and stats. But then, that’s what makes the policies isn’t it? Numbers. Not the real life people living them.


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