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#NaBloPoMo – the little things – Day 13

Day 13.

I’d like to introduce you to my ‘little thing’ today; a member of my family:

The fourth member of our family.


This is Bob. He’s been with us for two years now after coming from a family member. He’s a soppy cat really – extremely tolerant of the kids and the noise and is firmly entrenched in the family.

Bob is currently staying with a kind friend who offered to foster him during this nightmare. I looked into a cattery but there was no way I could afford it. I approached a few local cat charities to ask if they could source a foster home – offering of course to pay all his costs. But they are full enough as it is right now.

Sorting Bob out was a huge worry. The kids adore him. They would have been heartbroken to lose him. Yes he’s just a cat but he’s a big part of our day. My daughter earnt her pocket money helping to take care of him. My son has learnt about kindness and giving people some peace because of him. I have had the comfort of his fluffy warm weight on my lap during those sleepless nights.

You never really hear about the family pets in the stories of b&b families. But it’s a hard thing for children to give up when they have already lost their home and faced so much upheaval.


Today I might find out if Bob can come with us to the next temporary house! I really hope he can. It may only be temporary but it looks to be at least 6 months and my aim is to return to our ‘normal’ life as much as possible.

It’s a little thing to get worked up over but I’ve missed that silly fluffball.


10 thoughts on “#NaBloPoMo – the little things – Day 13

  1. That’s heartbreaking, I’ve never even thought of pets being caught in the middle of a situation like yours…. I really hope you can bring him back with you at least just for a little while…. And also – I think I think I’m in love – he is GORGEOUS!

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