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#NaBloPoMo – the little things – day 15

Day 15

Today has been a whole heap of little things and huge things and all the things in between.

It started with a little panic as I stepped off the bus into new territory. And a slightly larger panic as the very random house numbers confused me – please don’t let me be late – please! (I was early, I always am. I hate being late with a passion)

And a huge bit of relief as a man poked his head out of the door and asked if I was me.

A little handshake. A tiny nervous smile on my part. And a small gesture to usher me and the half asleep, less then impressed boy into our new home.

The first thing I see is a huge cupboard. Plenty big enough for coats and shoes and a pushchair.

Then came a little nod of his head in the direction of the stairs.

And a small tour.

And a lengthy discussion of the official bits in the kitchen (which is very nice and has a fridge! Hurrah!) A sizeable pile of paperwork followed.

There was a healthy dose of truth. Something quite rare in recent months. This straight talking was done in a kind and helpful way accompanied by friendly smiles.

A large swath of clarity. We are still classed as homeless. But we are in the third band for bidding. This band is not really high enough to win us a property. We will be here for 2 years. He seemed pretty certain of this. And once those 2 years are up, they will raise us to the top band and it’s then that we will get a bid accepted. But we can stay there for as long as we need. We won’t be forced to bid on anything we wouldn’t want. We are safe here for as long as it takes to find us a property for the long haul.

It was not a little amount of relief that flooded me. It was huge. And joyful. And quite alien to me.

We will be settled. We can become part of this area, this community and we are safe.

It’s private – but our tenancy is with the council.  And it’s as safe as they come because they have a long tenancy with the owner. The risks are very low – and should the worst happen we will be entitled to another property. We won’t have to start the journey again.

And we can bring Bob the cat! My daughter actually did a dance of joy when I told her that.

It’s been big things and little things today. My smile right now is big. My Relief is bigger. And my concern over the lack of furniture is small. There is no room for concern tonight.

My head is full of thoughts of pre-school and changing my daughters school and moving stuff.

My son seemed impressed. My daughter will see it tomorrow. The very last thing my son said as he raced his car down the banister was “Can I have my toys back now mummy?”

Yes son. You can. You have a home now.



11 thoughts on “#NaBloPoMo – the little things – day 15

  1. That’s great news! I was in exactly your situation five years ago. My son and I were homeless, it was a very low point in our lives. Practically penniless too, and through no fault of our own. I was given temporary accomodation like you eventually, and it was such a relief. And then because we were high priority I was in the top band for bidding and I bid on a flat that we moved into a year later, and now we have a secure roof over our heads that we can stay in for ever if we want. Four years on and it is definately home, and my son and I have put our homeless past behind us. We struggled, but we made it, and I am sure you will too!

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