#NaBloPoMo / Temporary Housing

#NaBloPoMo – the little things – Day 16

Day 16

Todays ‘little thing’ is of the creepy crawly variety…

Sitting on top of my diary is a shiny new set of keys. I keep looking over at them just to check they haven’t been misplaced (I am terrible with keys!)

This afternoon, I met my daughter from school and took her for a tour. She was pretty impressed and picked out which bedroom she wanted.

My son was pretty happy with his future bedroom too. He happily played with his cars whilst I wondered from room to room planing what would go where.

Now I can start the slow process of furnishing this place. Since we were told we’d get b&b so many times and storage wasn’t an option financially most of our stuff was sold or freecycled.

We have a sofa – my sister replaced hers a couple of weeks ago and stored the old one for us. But we don’t have beds. We have airbeds though! It’ll be like camping…

Someone on Twitter told me about a furniture recycling scheme. I needed to be referred to the scheme through a housing officer so I contacted mine. We had already discussed the furniture situation and I was surprised he hadn’t suggested this himself but anyway, my names been sent to them with the request of some beds.

So, we don’t know how long it will take but there is one other problem – bed bugs. The guy I met yesterday was pretty vocal about the beds from this scheme containing bed bugs. The maintainance guy there also vigorously shook his head! I’m at a loss – do I camp out and save or risk bedbugs with the free beds? Most of the furniture we had before was sourced from charity shops or second hand. I really am not bothered by that…but bed bugs? They make me shudder!

I think I’ll be unpacking the foot pump first on Monday…


2 thoughts on “#NaBloPoMo – the little things – Day 16

  1. Ewww, personally I’d use the air beds and scour Ebay or gumtree for people selling new or barely used matresses, rather than old ones. I know it might still be too expensive, but Ikea’s matresses aren’t too bad in price, could you save up for some of them My son and I shared a mattress when we lived in our emergency accomodation. It was my old matress from when I was a child that I got from my parent’s loft. It had sen better days but at least it didn’t have other people’s bed bugs in it!

    • The bed crisis was averted by the kind donation of some fold up beds from a lovely charity. But I was pretty set against the risky ones anyway – don’t think I would have slept well at all wondering what was crawling about!

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