#NaBloPoMo / Temporary Housing

#NaBloPoMo – the little things – Day 18

Day 18


Recipe for moving


One kind offer of a van (keep the friend inside for driving duties)

Two strapping brothers for the heavy lifting.

Two sister-in-laws to watch the children.

Three locations of Stored Items

A misplaced Sat-Nav






Firstly, delay the arrival of the baby sitters and extra help. This will really make a difference to the wonderful rushed taste. Especially if you have under an hour to remove most of your ingredients from one of your locations before it shuts for the day. (I find traffic is usually the most effective thing to use)

Next, throw in both strapping brothers and allow to set.

Meanwhile, set aside the two sister-in-laws with any stray children you happen have around the place. Add Cake and biscuits and whisk them into a frenzy.

After removing most of the ingredients from the storage facility with seconds to spare you need to move to your ‘home tin’ and deposit there to prove until you are ready.

Now you need to go to the second location and fit in some large furniture – here I used two sofas, a TV unit and a bookshelf. It may be a bit of a squeeze but with a bit of jiggling you should get a wonderful densely packed van bursting with homely comfyness.

Here it is often traditional to add in some of that traffic mentioned earlier and a heaped spoon or two of red lights. But it’s entirely optional in my opinion.

Tip your densely packed goods into your home tin – No need to be artistic here. A haphazard approach works just as well. Whilst these are cooling, you need to repack the van for the third and final time with a spoonful of “don’t forget this” and three generous cups of “this is definitely the last run” Stir everything together vigorously. This is an important step as if you have made it to trip number 3 with nothing falling out of the van when you open the door you may miss the transformation from smooth to curdled. Lovingly transfer the make up items from the floor to the box. The three second rule applies here.

Once all items are mixed into your home tin you need to stir for 3-7 days until all the ingredients are distributed between the rooms. Then you can sit back, relax and take a giant bite out of your brand new home cake!




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