#NaBloPoMo – the little things – Day 19

Day 19

Today we finally moved into our new home. It’s been a busy day of unpacking and shifting and sorting.

But it’s happy work, And I’m exhausted but in that good ‘I’ve been productive’ virtuous way.

My little thing today has been the almost permanent smile fixed to my sons face. It’s little but huge at the same time and has been very infectious.

The first thing we did when we got through the door was head for his room and boxes. I undid the tape and left him to it. Excited cries of “wow – my dinosaur” and “Mummy look what I found!” filled my morning. within an hour he had emptied every toy he owns onto the floor and was sat in the middle trying hard to decide what to play with next. He is one happy boy today!

And it gave me time to unpack the kitchen (I have my priorities right!) 

We also got our lovely beds that were donated to us. They are perfect and we’re all very impressed. Both children are snoring away in their own rooms and I’ll shortly be heading for mine.

I was expecting a fuss at bedtime but my son gladly jumped into bed and fell asleep as usual within 5 minutes!

Tomorrow will be another busy day – we are off to tour the nursery that have offered us a place. SO happy to finally be settling into a normal family routine at last!


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