#NaBloPoMo – the little things – Day 20

Day 20.

We’re still unpacking and arranging things. It’s coming along slowly since we’ve not really got the furniture to put stuff in once we’ve opened the boxes.

We’ve got the important things but it’s things like drawers and bookshelves that are lacking here.

Still, I quite enjoy a good rummage through a charity shop so they will be easily and cheaply replaced over the next few weeks.

The kitchen is all done now and it’s made such a difference to have back again. We’d taken such a small amount with us to emergency housing but now we have it all it’s been great.

The only thing blotting our new found happiness is the fact that the boiler doesn’t work.

I’m surprised the council didn’t check it worked before they let us in. And they really couldn’t have since an entire pipe was missing! We have to wait for Monday. But in the meantime we have been given an electric heater at least. But I’m not sure we can afford to run it much really. So extra jumpers and hot water bottles it is. And we don’t mind sitting together on the couch under a blanket!

But I would love nothing more then a long hot soak after shifting boxes and unpacking all day. Sigh. We’ll get a nice shower at my mums over the weekend.


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