#NaBloPoMo – the little things – Day 21

Day 21.

The boxes are slowly dwindling and the rooms are starting to resemble actual rooms.

We still have no central heating or hot water – the engineer is due Monday so fingers crossed for then. We have been given electric heaters but I’m reluctant to use them because of the cost. But actually. this place isn’t that cold. I’m making sure doors are closed and have hung fleeces on the bedroom windows. Tucking the kids up with a hot water bottle has always been a winter ritual anyway.

I was talking to my daughter about how we used to chip the ice off the inside of our bedroom windows as kids! My mum still refuses to have central heating fitted and has only ever used a gas fire in the lounge for heat. Anyway, I digress…

It is starting to feel like home. It’s starting to sink in that we can settle here for a long while now. It is worth buying curtains and silly things for each room. I’m off tomorrow to buy some furniture from a great second-hand charity warehouse. Just drawers and wardrobes and maybe even a bookshelf or two. Then the last few boxes can be unpacked and It really will be home.

But for now I am scratching my head at the world of curtains. I’m so indecisive sometimes!


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