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#NaBloPoMo – the little things – Day 23

Day 23.

Today I am a mother bursting with pride.

My daughter was recently involved in a school competition to design a new product as part of an enterprise scheme. Her team of 4 were picked from  the whole school to go to the national competition and pitch their idea.

This morning I kissed a bundle of nervous energy goodbye on the train station platform and she made her way to London for the day.

This evening I stood waiting for a break in the traffic to cross the road to meet her. I could see, even across the two lanes of cars, that she had the biggest grin on her face. As soon as I got to her what I suspected was confirmed: Her team won! Out of 3000 other participants my girl had helped to pitch it perfectly and they wowed the judges.

She’s tucked up in bed now but I don’t think she’s stopped smiling once since we got home!

I’m so very proud. I’m always proud of her but over the last few months I’m seeing her clearly for the brave young women she is growing into. She’s dealt with this all with minimal fuss. She’s tried to rally me and her brother on days we might be wobbling with it all. She’s pointed out the positives and glossed over the negatives.

She really is amazing. And the one thing this situation has given me is the clarity to see that in so many new ways.


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