#NaBloPoMo / Emotional side

#NaBloPoMo – the little things – Day 26

Day 26.

Today I’ve felt very thankful for the help and support I’ve had during this whole journey.

I know it’s a little late for the thanksgiving vibe but still…

It’s been a rough ride but it’s led me to a wonderful community via this blog and twitter. These were things new and alien to me to start with. I never gave them much thought before. I enjoyed reading blogs but never thought I’d have anything to say on one of my own.

And Twitter seemed a bit pointless…How wrong I was!

It’s little uplifting comments that have helped. People sharing their own stories that showed hope.

Honestly, I may have said this before but a few words of support do so much. Take a moment from your day to let someone having a hard time know you’re thinking of them. Let someone know they have your support – even if you can only offer a word or an ear.

You may never know what a difference it made but it really could be that one good thing someone needs to hear on a bad day.


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