Temporary Housing

A funny thing happened to me today.

Back in November when I signed the tenancy for this place I begged the housing officer to play straight with me and tell me how temporary this ‘temporary accommodation’ would be.

See…. I blogged about it here.

Well now I am cringing at me gushing over that nice man and his rare honest ways because it turns out no one else in the department has heard of his declarations of two years and priority banding placements.

Honestly, I could weep. I don’t know if he was just woefully incompetent or if he lied to me intentionally.  Either way, we won’t be any closer to our forever home in a year. Maybe in 3 more years we might. Maybe.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I am grateful for this place. I am fine with being here for 4 years or so. I would just have preferred to know from the start.

It makes me very very distrustful of them and the whole system all over again.

I don’t know what kind of difference it would have made – thinking 4 years instead of 2. Maybe none at all but the truth is I was practically on my knees begging to know how this next step worked and I was fed the biggest pile of crap ever. And I can’t work out why?

And also, now I want large amounts of chocolate and my New years health kick has been going so well up until now.


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