The Timeline of our journey

I thought it might be helpful to keep a timeline of events in simple bulletpoint form to help me keep track.

  • 2nd June –  Section 21 served ending 21st August
  • Spend next few weeks bidding on properties, calling agents and seeking advice.
  • 4th July – Meeting with my housing officer. Will not accept homelessness application at this stage despite section 21 being less the 28 days away. Told main goal is to push me for Private housing and discourage me from relying on social housing as an option.
  • 17th July – contact local MP.
  • Still searching Gumtree, Friday ad, local papers, shop windows and local magazines. Also put own adverts out. No luck.
  • Receive reply from MP – he is looking into the policy to make me wait and incur debt.
  • 7th August – email local councilors and those on the housing committee.
  • 10th August – speak to shelter again to recap and speak to the Legal advice team. All advice backs up previous. Just have to wait.
  • Bid on more properties, make more calls, get nowhere.
  • 13th August – view my first private let willing to accept housing benefit. Not suitable due to location – Daughter would not be able to get to school – long walk, no buses, too expensive for Taxis and unsafe cycle route. I map out the route several times and walk it and speak to bus company and taxi company. It just can’t be done.
  • 21st August – My s.21 notice expires today.
  • 22nd August – Council refuse to let me make an application for homelessness. Told again to wait for court summons.
  • 25th August – Receive reply from MP See this post.
  • All contact with letting agent is being ignored.
  • 18th September – court papers arrive. See here. Defence paperwork is returned to court.
  • 26th September – Have gall bladder removed.
  • 28th September – Possession Order arrived. Expires on the 9th October.
  • 1st October – Housing Officer confirms I’ll be housed on the 9th, And what we can expect.
  • 7th October – move stuff to storage.
  • 9th October – Possesion Order expires. Placed in Emergency Housing by the council. See here.
  • 6th November – Been in emergency housing for 4 weeks. Was given 4-6 week estimate so expecting to be moved on to next temporary house soon.
  • 9th November – get call asking why I’m not at the property I’m supposed to be viewing. No idea what property! Also get email from Housing Officer saying he is looking at my application today – needs paperwork to complete processing. Bit confused – but won’t get it figured out until Monday now.
  • 12th November – told I can view property on the 15th as my case workers are away from the office.
  • 15th November – View property and sign all paperwork to move in on the 19th
  • 16th November – Pick up the keys from the housing office. I can move our stuff in but am not allowed to stay until Monday.
  • 17th November – Get an official acceptance of homelessness confirmation.
  • 18th November – Move our stuff into the new place.
  • 19th November – Move in to our long term temporary home! Will be here for at least 2 years as we don’t really have enough priority to win a place through the bidding scheme. After two years our priority will be increased.

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